WATERFRONT LIVING – The West Harbor Lofts at Heritage Harbor

West Harbor Lofts at Heritage Harbor in Ottawa IL offer up beautiful waterfront views, nautical themed architecture and spacious rooftop deck. What’s not to like.
LEARN MORE HERE –http://www.homechanneltv.com/heritage-harbor-ottawa.html

Visit the Heritage Harbor website here – http://www.heritageharborottawa.com/

Four Easy Contact Paper Designs For The Home

Contact Paper Designs can enhance your home’s decor with little cost and effort. The versatility and variety in contact paper allows for many uses. This article will look at four ways that allow you to improve your home’s decor using contact paper designs.

Smart Home Office Design For Higher Performance Results

With the trend toward greater amounts of people working from their home office, a better designed office can go a long way toward a better work life balance. Harness your best energy for maximum performance when working in your smart designed home office.

Make Your Home Speak With These 3D Wall Murals

Everybody has several options for decorating their home or business. There are many colors and styles that people are using along with 3D wall murals. Not every design can make your home speak with these 3D wall murals.

Why Are Lace Curtains So Popular?

There is no dearth of choices and no matter what your interiors look like, lace curtains will find a beautiful place for themselves. In case you have not used these curtains, it is the time to get them.

Make Your Bedroom Exciting With Wall Murals

A wall mural can be put anywhere in the house. A lot of people feel that these belong where people are gathering the most, like the family room or dining room.

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