Vlog Tour 53 – Courthouse Square – Luxury Townhomes in Downtown Wheaton IL

Home Tour Vlog 53 features luxurious row-style townhomes in the heart of downtown Wheaton Illinois. Homes are built by Airhart Construction – http://airhartconstruction.com/blog/2015/10/07/wheaton-courthouse-square/

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How to Train Your Mind to Create a More Beautiful Home

In a conversation about training your creative mind to create a more beautiful home for your family and friends? I think it makes the case for the amateur decorator (those possessed of a love for design and decoration but who do not pursue it professionally) to weave into their life opportunities to train their mind and aesthetic muscles at every possible opportunity. And there are many opportunities that present themselves regularly to those hungry to better their design skills.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook for Yourself With Designer Cushions

Most of the times the excitement of reading gets blocked due to lack of serenity or that cozy corner. In order to make your own space where you can enjoy your new your book, choose your favorite corner in your room. But, a corner in itself will not create a comfortable reading section.

Practical Uses for the Suction Cup Products

Suction cup based products can provide a versatile solution to organize items throughout the bathroom, garage, office, kitchen, etc. Suction cup hooks or holders are designed at attach to most non-porous, smooth surfaces, such as metal, fiberglass, glass, or tile. Also, to increase the chance of achieving a long-term hold, the surface should be completely clear of soap film or dirt.

Top Five Million Dollar Decorating Hacks

Who wouldn’t want to come home to a stylishly conceived, luxuriously executed and artfully accessorized place to hang your hat, not to mention, a super cool place to entertain friends, family and colleagues? Is it your dream for your home’s interior to reflect the confidence, poise and style you find each month in your favorite shelter magazines? Well you are not alone. I think most that linger over compelling images in those four-color photo shoots, which fill every edition of print and online magazines, are longing for some of that magic to rub off on them, hoping some of that sparkly designer dust might bewitch their abode and rocket them into the decorating stratosphere.

How To Create Striking Vignettes In Your Home

You might have heard the word vignette as a short scene in a play or a character sketch, but in terms of home decor it is arranging or displaying collection of items to create a lively look. Arranging decorative accents in a table, window sill, mantle or dresses creates a unique mood and add character to the home decor. A well-created table vignette will not only add a warmth look but also makes your home decor an easy task.

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