Vlog Home Tour 26 – Touring a Luxurious Custom Home in Northbrook

This custom home is loaded with elegant finishes throughout, glad we got a chance to tour it!
The home features a full finished basement, 5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths and more than 4,100 sq. ft. of living space.

Learn more about the builder at: http://usshelter.com/
About this home and others: http://usshelter.com/available-homes-lots.html

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Tips To Care For And Clean Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is expensive but a true beauty around the house. With its functionality, fashionable look and feel and high durability, it offers excellent value for the price. However, there is a small yet serious issue when it comes to furniture upholstered in leather fabrics. It gets easily stained and damaged if not maintained well. As a result, you find many homeowners draping their pricey couches, ottomans and chairs with bed sheets and plastic tarps.

French Polishing To Preserve Antique Furniture

Collectors of antique furniture are well aware of the need to protect and preserve it in order to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Thus, in addition to the regular dusting and cleaning, polishing woodwork is a regular feature of its maintenance regimen. Not only for antique furniture, but other woodwork as well a shiny coat of polish makes it stand out beautifully at the same time increasing its resistance against damage.

Using Vinyl Upholstery Fabric For Reupholstering Projects

If you have a weather-battered couch or a few nicks in your chairs, you might be considering a reupholstering project some time soon. Reupholstering furniture to restore it to its former look is often a more reasonable option than replacing it with brand new pieces of furniture. The first choice you are required to make when you visit a professional upholsterer is the fabric. Traditionally, people have selected leather because of its classy and elegant look. However, today, many prefer Vinyl over other fabric options. Given are some of the reasons why vinyl is a good option when restoring old and worn furniture.

Furniture Polishing – Getting the Best

Furniture polishing is an easy procedure of restoring the beauty of woodwork for your commercial or residential needs. With time, furniture pieces lose their natural sheen and the paint tends to come off, leaving them looking worn out and old. With simple painting and polishing, you can easily restore these pieces back to their former glory. In fact, with simple polishing you can give your furniture a complete makeover. Polishing services are affordable as compared to a situation wherein you would have to completely replace the furniture pieces.

Choosing Fabrics For Your Indoor And Outdoor Furniture

When you have a decorating project at hand, you will most definitely be dealing with both indoor and outdoor furniture. This is an exciting phase in life, especially when you are decorating or furnishing your own home. The furnishing is so independent nowadays that you can actually choose the fabrics that you wish to be fitted to your furniture pieces. And, it involves choosing fabrics for your indoor and outdoor furniture.

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