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US Shelter Custom Home | Highland Park, IL
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Choosing The Right Carpet Design

One of the most important decisions for every home owner, who wants to make his home cozy and inviting. Get some free tips and ideas on how to choose the right carpet design for your house.

Reinventing the Nest: From Full to Empty

With their children now having left for college (and, perhaps for good), the baby boomer begins life anew. Alone in a big house, laden with maintenance issues that a structure of this size demands, empty nesters seek a simpler way of being. The demands of the family no longer upon them, they yearn for a new kind of home, a sanctuary.

Why You Need To Have Shaded Parking In Your Business Premises

Running any kind of business often means making sure that your customers are always satisfied with what they get in terms of service. For instance, if they have to come to your premises, they will need a place to park so that they are more comfortable getting there.

Rugs That Will Enhance Your Walk-In Closet

Area rugs are not simply for covering your floor, but for enhancing your décor, adding your personal flair to any space, and of course for giving you that warmth and comfort under foot in any room. Think of your walk-in closet as one of those spaces that not only house your clothing and most prized accessories, but your favourite room in the house to help kick start your day! Here are a few rugs that are full of personality, style, and may be just right for you!

5 Decorating Tips to Make Your Small Space Feel Larger

When it comes to living in small spaces, every square foot counts. How can you maximize your space without sacrificing your sense of style?

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