Top Ten Best Bathroom Designs – from Our 2018 Home Tours

Bathroom Design Ideas – The Top Ten Master Bathroom Designs from our 2018 Home Tours.

Video and images are from Home Channel TV home tour and remodel videos.

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Everything You Need To Know About Quality Blankets

Designing your home, particularly if you have just shifted to a new house, is often quite exciting. This can be one of the best chances to choose different colors, designs, brands of furniture, bedding, and several other household items to complement the entire ambiance of your home. And one of these household items that complete your home is blankets.

How Glass Tile Backsplashes Can Improve the Decor of Your Home

When considering improving a home’s decor, glass tile backsplashes can add a touch of elegance to any homes interior. It can liven up a room with its reflective quality or just cover a wall and make it a focal point.

Why Buy Kilim Rugs?

Kilim rugs feature one of the oldest and most traditional rug weaving methods, yet ironically are one of the most popular and in-demand styles of rug on the market today. Featuring a carefully hand woven flatweave technique, these items are very different from pile rugs, and represent a very different function and style choice in the home.

4 Important Things to Remember When Buying a Flatweave Rug

Rugs make a great practical and stylish addition to any home, and this is certainly true of flatweave rugs too. These items are often hand-woven by skilled craftspeople in countries such as Turkey and Afghanistan, and come in a range of colourful and traditional designs that complement any home.

Copper In Interior Design – Take the Plunge

Much to the surprise of many, copper has been prominent with interior design for many years – thousands actually. This year, the metal is coming out again, gaining popularity as many more crave the warm tone and interesting texture in their interiors. Copper kitchen range hoods, appliances, backsplashes, tubs, sinks and more are highly sought after and lend themselves to a fresh, contemporary design as well as that old, rustic feel that many adore.

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