Top 5 Great Room Designs from Our Home Tours (Spring 2019) – Design & Remodel Ideas

Our Best Room Designs – Looking for Room design ideas on a Remodel Project or for building a New Home? Here are 5 of our favorite Great Room Design Ideas from our Home Tours in Spring of 2019.

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Design 1 – KLM Builders
Design 2 – Autumn Homes
Design 3 – Listing from John Greene Realtor
Design 4 – Overstreet Builders
Design 5 – AMD Homes
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What Are 7 Ways to Add New Life To Your Home?

All of us wish we could completely redesign and redecorate our home all at once, but unfortunately that is just not possible for most of us. Instead there are some quick and easy ways to bring new life back into your living space. At the same time it will feel as if you did more changes to your living space than you actually have.

Things To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Wall Art

Most furniture designers would say that what they do is a work of art and I would agree. The time and technique it takes to make a beautiful piece of furniture says it all. Once you spend all that money on brand new furniture which depending on your style can be a bit. Why would you spend all that money and then just throw up any piece of wall art? Below I will discuss five things to keep in mind when purchasing wall art.

Animal Skin Rugs – Rugs As Nature Intended

There are so many reasons to purchase an animal skin rug. They are natural in color, and they have brilliant markings that can hardly be replicated outside of nature. They also serve to add texture to a room too because of how natural the material is left feeling.

Make a Statement With Your Animal Skin Rug

Decorating your home or business should always involve incorporating parts of your personality to add a special touch. Today, animal skin rugs combine aesthetics and practicality for a perfect addition to any space that needs a little sprucing up. In addition to being simply breathtaking, you can enjoy these benefits of adding a reindeer hide to your decorating scheme this season.

Choosing a Curved Staircase for an Impressive Focal Point

Options available for curved staircases, including materials and features. as well as, some tips on choosing the right curved staircase for your home.

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