Tiny House Living – The Perfect Little House from Heritage Harbor

The Perfect Tiny Vacation Cottage at Heritage Harbor. At only 1,200 square feet this uniquely designed vacation home offers a lot of living, featuring a second floor living area with expansive waterfront views of the Illinois River. 1st floor bedrooms, each with their own bathroom lead up to a vaulted 2nd floor living area with gourmet kitchen. Full length walk-out 2nd floor deck offers expansive views of the active Illinois River. Learn more about this home here: http://www.heritageharborottawa.com/our-homes/

How to Prepare Perfectly Perfected Floor Plans for the Abode

Without a floor plan it is difficult to fully understand exactly what size furnishings will work best to create a beautiful decor, resulting in furniture being delivered that is unusable, cannot be returned due to final sale or could be costly to exchange. Floor plans allow one to see exactly where furniture should be placed in the abode for optimal design. Learn how to create simple floor plans that will achieve in attaining a beautiful designer quality decor ready to impress.

Tips To Consider When Choosing The Best Window Blinds For Your Home

Window blinds can make a comfortable addition to any typical window. They aren’t just functional but economical and stylish as well. The blinds provide homeowners with sufficient privacy and defense from harmful sunrays, while also providing a decent opportunity for users to accent their windows with custom color and textures. There’s a wide range of these appliances available on the market which can be a little bit confusing when one wants to pick the best ones. Here are some few things to keep in mind when looking for new window shades.

How Does Climate Influence Chelmsford Home Design?

The way houses look is not influenced only by the preferences of the people living inside – if it were like this, every city would be an overwhelmingly blend of shapes and colours. Interior and exterior design is often dictated by a region’s culture, history and, most importantly, climate. Looking carefully at the way houses look in Chelmsford, you will notice that this region has some architectural characteristics that have adapted to the Essex climate. Moreover, some interior design elements can also be linked to atmospheric conditions. Looking at buildings from the outside, you will notice that they are massive and imposing. Chelmsford has kept the traditional British style and landmarks such as the Chelmsford Cathedral and the Hylands House are perfect examples in this regard.

How to Save on Remodeling With Fake Wood Beams

There are many ways to freshen up a home and one of the most popular architectural details for homes right now is exposed wood beams. Sometimes the problem with adding wood beams in a remodel is the cost. Remodeling a home can be extremely expensive and it can be difficult to find ways to keep costs low. However, fake wood beams provide a simple way to dramatically change the look of a room at a fraction of the cost. For example, a real pine beam could run at about $1,000, while a fake pine beam might only be $400-$500, cutting the cost by half. On top of the savings, using faux wood beams versus real wood beams for your remodel has additional advantages.

Texturize Your Walls With These Faux Painting Ideas

Paint is one of the most versatile finishes that can quickly transform a room. The transformation is even more stunning with faux painting ideas that can add both texture and color to a plain wall. Choose from among a variety of techniques that can dramatically change the look of any room in your home.

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