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Located in Fontana Wisconsin overlooking Lake Geneva is the Cliffs of Fontana. To learn more about this community visit:

Customizing Wall Stickers for a Unique Look and Feel

Wall stickers have been in our lives for approximately 10 years now and their reputation has increased considerably since then. House owners and office decorators love using them. The number of companies selling wall stickers is quite high and so is the number of companies who deal with manufacturing and distribution.

The 5 Benefits Of Custom Made Footstools

An interior design for a living room project is rarely complete without the addition of a custom-made footstool. This article explains why this is the case, giving the top five reasons to include one in your design.

Upholstery And Its History

This article is a brief glimpse in to the history of upholstery. It will look at the early days of the art and some of the major advances that shaped the industry into what we see today.

What Does Rustic Mean to You?

An introduction to rustic home furnishings and the varying degrees of rustic style. From over the top Adirondack to cottage chic.

Winter Whites

White is normally thought of as a cold colour and not one to use in your home to add cosiness during the winter months. However by choosing the right shade of white and choosing the right accessories, using white in your home can have a stunning effect. Take inspiration from a snowy mountain scene when the sun shines on it to make it sparkle!

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