The Brentwood Ranch Model from Plote Homes

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How to Design By Your Sign – The Dancing Arrow of Sagittarius – Child to Adult

Sagittarius is the final fire sign in the zodiac and is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and benevolence. The Sag in your life has a wonderful sense of humor, loves to play jokes on friends and yet, is brutally honest and straight forward. What nurtures and comforts your Sag?

How to Design By Your Sign – The Rich Furrowed Fields of Capricorn – Child to Adult

Capricorn is the final Earth sign, the sign of substance. This sign expresses life in a serious, responsible and business relationship. Capricorn is the organizer of systems; it represents durability and security as basic as the very earth and yet is very sensual and refined. What nurtures and comforts your Capricorn?

How to Design By Your Sign – The Deep Pools of Scorpio – Child to Adult

The Scorpio sign has long been considered a mysterious sign that most people associate with life and death. Scorpio is the second water sign in the zodiac. It unites with Pluto and the underworld realm of death, rebirth and transformation that are essential to the life cycle. It’s an emotional sign with waters that run deep and is not afraid of the darker undercurrents. The deep hidden pool in a cave exactly signifies the Scorpio sign.

How To Design By Your Sign – The Gentle Skies of Libra – Child to Adult

Libra has a refined and quick mind, with a deep connection to intellectual and artistic pursuits. Libra is particularly attracted to music, cultural refinement and grace. Imagine a balmy island sky with exotic birds. Libra is associated with pastels but primarily pale blue as seen in the skies that describe her. More than most signs, Libra will appreciate the perfect harmonious and nurturing space.

How to Design By Your Sign – The Lush Green Forests of Virgo – Child to Adult

The personality of Virgo can best be described as a lush green pine forest. Virgo is the second Earth sign and is ruled by Mercury. Because of its position to the realm of intellect, this Earth sign takes on a darker, more analytical quality than Taurus. The true color of Virgo is customarily a dark sapphire blue. However, dark green is closer to its source and more in keeping with very earthbound qualities of being dependable, resilient and stable. Virgo’s diligent attention to cyclical detail lends itself to the image of a thick pine forest. If you are blessed with a Virgo child you will learn early in its life that you have acquired a helpful little angel!

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