Spacious Custom Home in Wilmette, IL by David Weekley Homes

Take a tour of this newly completed custom home in Wilmette, IL. This home features 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, open plan, gorgeous kitchen with large island, a spacious master suite and full finished basement. To learn more visit:

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In The Beginning: There Was Light

Light is not only an expression of heavenly awareness, it is one of the designer’s basic tools through which architectural invention is reflected. Without light, neither the aesthetics nor the function of a room would be highly visible. Light, cleverly employed, can create subtle refinements of space. It is both direct and indirect, focused and ambient.

Grommet Curtain Trends 2014

Curtains have been used to keep light out, ensure privacy and make the insides of your home more professional for decades. Grommet Curtains are one of the best options if you are looking for something classy for your home.

Sheer Curtain Trends in 2014

The article tells us about sheer curtain trends in 2014 and how you can use them to style up your room. Sheer curtains are trending this year and you can get a lot of varieties from the market and chose the best for you.

Clothing Designers Emphasize Designer Wallpaper

Beautiful wallpaper improves the atmosphere of your home. Designer wallpapers are a great way to emphasize features and add style in a room.

Old Fashioned Decorating – Tea Time Requires Lace, Antique China and Treasures

I love tea parties. There, I said it. I love the feel of delicate old china and the look of linen and chintz. There’s nothing like a tea party in the garden, in the nook, or in the parlor. Especially when you present your tea party with family heirlooms, antiques and treasures.

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