Preparing a Great Steak with Compound Butters from Chef Todd

Boulder Ridge Country Club’s Executive Chef shows us how to prepare steak using compound butters.
Watch for upcoming videos from Chef Todd.
Boulder Ridge Country Club is located in Lake in the Hills:

Custom Drapes Tips

Having custom drapes made allow homeowners to choose the perfect style, colour, and fabric for window coverings throughout their home. Readymade drapes can be a cost-effective solution for those on a decorating budget, but custom drapes are much more flexible when it comes to your needs and design tastes. If you have decided that having custom drapes made is the best solution for your home, consider these tips before you purchase.

Gifting Organic Furniture As Corporate Gifts

Holiday season is a wonderful opportunity for giving away corporate gifts to clients and associates as tokens of appreciation and gratitude. With the holiday season just on our doorstep, it is time for you as a business owner, to take sometime off from other things and settle down for a while to choose the best suitable gifts to show your way of feeling how special your clients and business associates are. This generous tradition of gift-giving should be based on new gift ideas to convey your good taste and sincerity.

How to Jazz Up Your Home’s Interior Using Magnetic Sign Holders

Magnetic trinkets have found their niche inside people’s homes decades ago, but they don’t usually make it beyond the refrigerator. Also, their use has been relegated to keeping bills in one place or displaying the kids’ artworks or “A” papers from school. There’s actually nothing wrong with using magnetic sign holders these ways. However, if you’re up for some weekend arts and crafts project and you’re looking for way to add a bit of personality to your home without burning a hole in your pocket, here are a few suggestions for you.

Display Homes Are A Great Source Of Decorating Ideas

After you’ve purchased the house of your dreams, it’s time to get down to the serious work of furnishing and decorating your new residence. Visiting display homes is a great way to learn the secrets of interior decorators, who transform house and land packages into showplaces of beauty and style.

The State of the Self Storage Industry

The UK’s Self Storage Association has carried out an annual survey to provide insights into the self storage industry within the UK. The study asked respondents to complete a questionnaire concerning their facilities to capture data about the industry.

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