Paver Patio & Deck Designs by The Deck Yard in St. Charles IL

A spectacular outdoor living space is a favorite gathering place for many families and that space will typically start with a patio or deck. There are so many varieties and styles of pavers and decking material to choose from that it can quickly become overwhelming for many homeowners. The experts at the Deck Yard make it all so easy by offering a years of experience in design and installation as well as a complete indoor / outdoor showroom to offer you Ideas For Everything Outside Your Home. To start creating you deck or patio today — visit the showroom located in St. Charles, IL.

A Growing Trend – Large Wall Stickers

I’m at the stage where I want to decorate and add some focal wall art to my living space. Unfortunately my interior tastes change like the wind so I am hesitant to spend huge amounts of money on paint or wallpaper, especially when the thought of installing (attempting!) wallpaper fills me with dread – even when it’s only a feature wall!

Designers’ Insight Into Picking a Living Room Paint Color

Changing the color of the room is the first thing you want to do when you move in, right? Perhaps, your builder or contractors pressure you to make a decision to choose a color right away.

Curtain Conundrums

You have just bought a new home and furnishing it is underway, when you are faced with a very important question: What kind of curtains should you buy? Standing in the décor section of your furnishing store, you debate between floral prints, soft pastel designs or minimalist patterns, which speak of elegance, or loud, bright prints.

Designing a Home Office for Style and Function

Many people prefer working from home to get away from the hassles of traffic, of additional travel costs and not to mention dressing up for the boss and the office mates! The difficulty is maintaining the same level of efficiency at home as when you’re working in a more formal office environment.

Advantages Of Decorating With Wall Art Stickers

Many people find that when it comes to decorating their home, there’s always something getting in the way, whether it’s time, money, space or another reason. However, everybody deserves to come home to a house which they love, and now there’s a way that everybody can.

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