Outdated Pink Bathroom Gets a Complete Makeover!

KLM Builders & Remodelers turns an old pink bathroom from the 60’s into an elegant bathroom fit for the 21st century. Watch this before & after transformation. Let us know what you think.

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The Basic Needs of Your House From Interior to Exterior Aspects – Why Consider?

“There is no place like home.” This is the sayings that almost of us believe when it comes to our own houses and homes. We can go out, hang out with our friends, and take a long vacation, but then we still come back to where our hearts truly belong – our home.

Make a Versatile Addition to Your Home With Victorian Floor Tiles

The geometric floor tiles of the Victorian era are based on the patterns found in churches and cathedrals of the medieval period. During the Victorian era, it was a common practice while installing tiles or blocks to tightly pack tiles together without any grout lines.

Five Unexpected Uses For Shelf Liner

Shelf Liner is a very versatile product. Most of us know it for its primary purpose, to line shelves. But there are many, many uses for it. This article will discuss five uses for shelf liner that are often overlooked.

The Right Light for the Right Room

Lighting makes or breaks a decorating scheme. The right lights put the focus right where you want it, allow you to enjoy your space and do a variety of different activities, and show off all your hard work in putting together a beautiful home.

Great Housewarming Gift Suggestions

There is a wealth of excellent housewarming gift ideas for your new neighbors to feel welcome. Read all about the creative suggestions and thoughtful presents in this article.

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