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Home Channel TV Vlog 1:
Follow along as we tour new homes & communities each week in our new HOME TOUR Vlog series. This week we feature a newly completed custom home in Wheaton, IL by Keim Corp.

Home Channel TV – Vlog 1: See more about this home at 91 Landon Circle in Wheaton, IL: http://keimcorp.com/inventory-homes.html

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Choosing the Right Window Coverings

Windows have two major purposes in any given home: providing light and providing air. It’s very important to keep these things in mind when you’re selecting your window coverings, because what you choose will have a big impact on your ability to enjoy the room.

Some Tips For Removing Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is a job that can be done by anyone, so long as they follow a few guidelines. This article will examine those guidelines and walk you through the safe and headache-free removal of any wallpaper.

WINDOWS: Eyes of the House

While it is commonly quoted that “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” in speaking of houses or apartments, one may safely say that they are the eyes of a home’s interior. In looking in from the outside, we glimpse a living microcosm. From the inside out, we see the reverse. From small world to large, from the safety and comfort of within, we peer at a landscape uncertain and curious. It may be beautiful with lush flowers and fauna, it may be panoramic in line with a bird’s eye vista, it may be terrifying in its view of some unsettling interaction. But, for sure, it is nature and the world at large. It is, in effect, the unknown, however mannered it may superficially appear. Our comfort and security lies within the parameters of our home. It is our microcosm, created by us to our own set of predilections and preferences. It is our little, ordered world.

Functional Workspaces in Today’s Trendy Lofts

The open space of today’s contemporary lofts are reminders of a time when buildings weren’t annexed into tiny box-like rooms full of identical furniture. Soaring expanses of floor, ceiling, and walls offer a Bohemian ambiance that acts as a blank palette to create a unique environment that can be as minimalist as a few carefully placed chairs and tables on a hardwood floor, or as rustic as copious rugs and carpets filling an intimate space beneath a high roof supported by oak beams. Create one single all-encompassing workspace, or split the area with vintage shutter room dividers and colorful drapes. An urban loft feeds the imagination, allowing the mind free rein.

Who Else Wants a Beautiful Luxury Kitchen?

Beautiful luxury kitchen cabinets and countertops are accessible to not just the rich, elite, and celebrities. Factory- direct access to custom cabinetry and imported natural stone gives you affordable luxury. Homeowners need an exclusive resource for the design and purchase of custom cabinetry usually available to housing developers, builders, architects and interior designers. Everyone deserves a beautiful kitchen.

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