Our 5 Favorite Master Bathroom Designs in 2016 | #5FAVs

Looking for bathroom ideas? Here’s our top 5 Bathroom Designs we selected from our 2016 Home Tours. Enjoy!

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It’s All About the Bling! Easy Affordable Accessorizing for Your Home

Accessory, by definition, means ‘ornament’ or ‘partner in crime.’ Both can apply to your home decor. It’s about the display! When you are searching for accessory items you will be better served by adopting the marine mantra, ‘a few good pieces.’ Try these helpful tips to make an unforgettable statement easily and affordably.

Crowded Spaces Are Lonely Places In Your Home – Finding A Solution!

When families outgrow their space or even singles make one too many shopping trips, you begin to adopt the idea that ‘cleaning’ means finding one more place to jam things and close the door quickly before it falls out. If you have long since tired of trying to cram your ‘stuff’ into a space that simply won’t budge; you may appreciate some ideas to try.

I’m Looking Through You, Making the Most of Your Windows!

You guessed it; it’s time to address those windows! There are many easy and affordable ideas to treat the space where light reigns supreme in a manner that will compliment your design plan. Some window styles reflect the style of the home. Easy, affordable tips to create windows that make your room!

Bed and Bedroom Designs

Stylish and modern bedroom designing has become a need of sophisticated living. A bedroom is a place where a person wants to relax and calm down after a hectic work schedule. Try to merge all essential elements of designing for a perfect bedroom decor. This is a space which is nominally exposed to the outsiders but still is a very essential place to designed. A clean, tidy and comfortable bedroom makes one happy and pleasant when he enters the space. While designing a bedroom always keep in mind that comfort and relaxation are the most important attributes. A comfortable bedroom incorporates in itself a modern and unique look. Design a bedroom with compact furniture and fixtures. Beautiful bed sheets, curtains, pillows covers, bedding and linens, bean bags and rugs can add to the look of this space.

A Simple Guide to Choosing Entrance Mats

Choosing an entrance mat may seem like a simple exercise, but there are many factors to consider before spending your money. This guide will help you along the way to choosing the best entrance mat for your needs.

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