Our 5 Favorite Great Room Designs in 2016 | #5FAVs

Looking for ideas? Here’s our top 5 Great Room Designs from our 2016 Home Tours. Enjoy!

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Add Some Color and Toss Some Pillows

Today, Americans are spending a lot of time entertaining or just plain nesting inside their homes. Of course, if your home is tastefully decorated with the right amount of color and style, it lifts the mood and spirit of anyone who enters that space. Throw pillows or accent pillows have emerged as an inexpensive way to add dimension, style and comfort to any room, and have become decorator essentials.

Add a Mesmerising Touch to Your Home Decor With Custom Picture Frames

Your home and its decor go a long way in revealing your personality. Whether you like it plain, artistic or over-the-top, everything you put in your home interior is so much about you. On the mantle, on the work desk, on the wall or simply sitting on your favorite dressing table, a picture frame can remind you of many memories. The photo, the work of art, the memorabilia it encloses is no doubt of great value to you. But it’s only the picture frame that brings out this value in all its glory.

Decorating Country Style

Country style incorporates a range of styles, with American country style arguably being one of the most popular. What all these styles have in common is an emphasis on comfort and warmth and a sense of ease and hospitality.

Blinds And Shades Can Help You Manage Energy Use

Covering your windows with shades, blinds, or even drapes can aid in energy efficiency by reducing heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. As the Department of Energy points out, you can reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter by up to 77% with your selection of window coverings. The amount of control they offer varies according to what you choose.

Creating a Distinctive Sports Fan Man Cave

I am a big fan of the Man Cave. You know the room where guys can go and watch their favorite team surrounded by sports memorabilia. However, over the years I have seen some good and bad designs. Here are some ideas of creating a distinctive Man Cave.

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