Open House Tour 78 – Custom Ranch Home in Winfield IL by Airhart Construction

Ranch House walk-through tour of a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home at Fisher Farm community in Winfield, IL. The home plan is called the Oakfield and was built by Airhart Construction. You can learn more about Airhart here:
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Patch Up the Home Surrounding for 2017

Maybe it was sheer pessimism that kept everybody at bay in 2016. It is time to dive back in now. The New Year is a fortnight old and nothing like Brexit or Trump has happened yet. And maybe such things won’t happen in 2017!

How Shaggy Area Rugs for Living Rooms Spruce Up Home Decor

Let’s unveil the secret to enhancing the beauty of your beloved home with shaggy area rugs for living rooms. You just need to keep few points in your mind to place these rugs perfectly in your living area. Read this article to know a rug can spruce up the beauty of your home.

What Specialty an Interior Designer Includes in Designing the Wardrobe

Like everything else in life, there are the individuals who were born to plan out bedrooms and the individuals who might rather do whatever else. You know which one you are: When you move into another place, or when you require an additional bedroom for new children or seeing relatives, you either get all energized or begin spending quality time with magazines containing wardrobe design ideas or you get cantankerous and depressed and attempt each trap in the book to keep away from the issue.

Candle Holders – To Add Elegance in Your Personality

If you are looking for something special for your home, considering candle holders this time would be perfect. You can give your home simply an amazing look.

A Little History On Clocks

We always ask ourselves or someone who is near us, “What time is it.” We use clocks in our daily lives to know when to get up to start our day, appointments, activities, when to go home from a hard day at work. Living without a means to know what time it is would be an impossible task. Lets see how clocks came into existence.

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