Open House Tour 70 – The McAlister Model at Stafford Place in Warrenville – by Airhart

Home Tour Vlog 70 features a luxurious, low maintenance single family home in the community of Stafford Place in Warrenville, Illinois.
Built by Airhart Construction – learn more here:

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Washing an Oriental Rug

Creating an Oriental rug is a long and intricate process with many steps. Different cultures have unique steps that they follow, making each rug authentic to the culture’s style. Just like each culture has its own weaving designs, traditions, and color palettes, each culture also has its own rug washing traditions.

Japanese Interior Decoration To Build Peaceful Mood At Home

Japanese decorating ideas are the perfect inspirations for those want peaceful and soothing ambiance at home. You just have to display few furnishings, accessories, and knickknacks because this interior design will not allow any cluttered look. Keep the space simple and alluring.

Recreate Grand Nature Environments With Rainforest Marble Mosaic Tiles

In shades of greens and browns that provide a classic feel, Rainforest marble recreates a rare ambiance. It seems as if nature has been brought within the interiors of the home. Would you like that dramatic closeness to nature rather than the lap of artificiality? A large variety of natural patterns does make them appear like foliage in the deep jungle along with the play of light and hues for a realistic effect, like some great painting. Finishes like crystallized, polished and tumbled complete the unique surrounding that seems to renew itself like the real jungle.

Turning Your Dull House Into A Fab One

With the right home improvement plan that’s suitable to your budget and preferred style, you can definitely turn your dull house in a fabulous one in no time. Check out these tips to get started.

Indian Inspired Bohemian Interiors

Design with the free spirit, let your imagination run wild with colors an yes keep it classy, every corner of the room has an interesting story to tell, the places you traveled and the adventures of your spirit. Indian antiques and carvings tell stories of years gone by when our fore fathers tilled the lands and sat in the veranda after a hard days work, eating from wooden plates and pots, drinking water from copper and brass pitchers. Beautiful lush fields, colorful bedding on the daybed and the wind singing its song rustling the saris, bring in old world charm and energies so powerful,they will keep your spirit singing.

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