Open House Tour 103 – Custom Cottage Home Design at Stafford Place in Warrenville

This custom single family cottage home was built by Airhart Construction.
The house features more than 2,000 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, flex space, open concept and a lot of nice custom finishes.
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Holistic Home Decor and Furniture

A holistic life is acknowledging the impact of your actions as they lay their imprint on your being, your home and the world, the cosomos. A parody of results that come from your actions, living life holistically in complete fullness and being aware of the impact of your actions. A holistic home embraces your mind, body, spirit, and space in a oneness. The mind sees how you live, decorate with mindful intention, and where your emotional challenges manifest. The physical aspects of decor, furniture and accessories pertain to the body. The spirit covers the chi or the soul of your home.

Designing the Walls of Home

A fascinating home is a dream of every owner. There are many things which are to be considered when you design your home like the furniture, color combinations and the textures, flooring of the rooms, interiors of the bathrooms, kitchen, kid’s room, dining area, living room and also the guest room. But while doing all these interiors we generally forget to design the walls of our home.

Tips for Home Decor

Making a house look beautiful is a fantasy of every individual. Every single person has his or her own outlook on a dream house. So how to design a charismatic house depends on the needs, requirements, thoughts and ideas of an individual.

Mindful Decor, Reclaimed Wood Furniture and Doors

Mindfulness is a state of calmness, being grounded, and being aware of your existence in the present moment. An old world practice arising from Buddhist and Hindu principles, mindfulness is a great part of the wellness culture that rules the modern society. Mindful decor is inspired from earthing, grounding woods and simple lines, natural fabrics and clean simple lines favoring uncluttered spaces. Mindful decor begins with a simple principle that everything serves a purpose. Home decor that connects you to your roots or contributes to your home in a positive way. Handmade and rustic wood credenzas brings in good energy, and antique chakra carved cabinets draw in the energy of the sun.

A Guide to Creating an Urbane and Uber-Cool Bedroom

Our bedrooms are no longer mere pit stops where we plonk down after a long, tiring day at work only to be woken up in rushed circumstances and to get on with the daily grind again. With the right furniture, color palette, and decor pieces, our bedroom can be transformed into a serene sanctuary where we catch up on our emails, watch our favorite web series, and sometimes come up with brilliant ideas when lounging on our beds with our laptops.

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