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Decorating Ideas for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place that reflects your personal taste and a place that you will feel comfortable in. There are various ways to enhance your personal space below are a few tips you can incorporate into your living space with decorating ideas for bedroom.

Stripes Add Interest

I find that stripes add interest in many different mediums throughout the home, from pillows to upholstery and carpet– I don’t mean just area rugs, but broadloom carpets as well. Stripes can be bold, or soft and subtle by using neutral colors, and still add interest and energy to your living space. Not only will they add to your decor, but they tend to hide a myriad of traffic wear and just about anything else an active family can inflict.

Tips For Buying Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper murals are better and more available than ever before. If you have not bought a wallpaper mural before, it is easy to make expensive and time consuming. This short buyers guide will help you understand what to look out for as well as what to avoid. Once you have read through it you will be placed to make better decisions and feel more confident doing so. What more can you ask for?

Chimney Pots Add Personality

Chimney pots date back to the 13th century in many countries around the globe. While we tend to think of them as traditionally English, they were found in India, Australia and of course in America. Their function was to increase the draft up a chimney thus removing dangerous, noxious fumes and soot out of the house.

Don’t Hire an Interior Designer Until You’ve Read This

Have you ever tried to remodel and /or redecorate your home? If you have ever embarked on a journey of furniture buying, swatch ordering and working with contractors, you know that doing it alone is nearly impossible. This is where an interior designer comes into play. A good interior designer will not only give you decorating ideas based on expertise, he or she will also save you money by pointing out little intricacies and design details that otherwise, you may miss. There are plenty of upsides in partnering with an interior designer, but when it comes to hiring the right interior designer, many people are skeptical or cautious. On of the reasons is because designer fees and processes are not set in stone. To curb your skepticism, ask key questions before you hire an interior designer- a good designer will answer your questions and allay your concerns. Because key questions are not always the easiest to pinpoint, I have gathered some FAQ’s from a few current clients and reflected upon them so that your remodeling and redecorating process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

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