New Luxury Home in Lake Bluff, IL by US Shelter Homes

Take a tour of this new luxury home in Lake Bluff by US Shelter Homes. This 4 bedroom home features a gourmet kitchen, butlers pantry, luxurious master suite with oversized shower and walk-in closet. To learn more about US Shelter Homes visit:

How to Create the Perfect Ambiance in Your Home Using Lighting

The easiest way to change up the mood of your home is through lighting. In fact, lighting can change much more than just the ambiance of a room, it can also affect your health, the comfort of your home, the appearance of your décor and its colors, and the overall feel of a room, all of this by simply changing one aesthetic.

Tips On Choosing Persian Rugs For Your Home

When you decide that you want to get Persian rugs to decorate your home with you will want to know a little bit about these carpets before you begin to shop. Persian rugs come in many sizes, colors, and are made from many different types of fibers. They are not all valued the same, and they do not all have the same qualities.

Redecorate Any Room Instantly With A Versatile Electric Fireplace

If you’ve been scanning the home decorating magazines and websites for ideas to liven up your home in general, or a special room in particular, an electric fireplace might be the perfect solution. This is one home beautification project that is almost impossible to get wrong simply because there are so many styles, finishes, and sizes to choose from at prices anyone can afford.

Niches: Carving A Curve, Not A Path

In their most limited sense, niches are the professed narrow specialization which the marketing experts tell us to follow. Like a well-trodden path, is it singularly bound with little perspective. Enter the architectural niche, it’s almost forgotten cousin. While indeed a focal or focus point, the niche is hardly limited in its imaginative appeal. It is a destination mark, more like the whirlpool, than the dead-end. Here, the ornamental artist with poetic license creates secretive, whirling, cup-holds of space, suitable for only the most special of accompaniments. How wrenched a word is worked.

Three Wallpaper Styles To Keep You Warm This Winter

The right wallpaper can add style to your home. But during the winter months the right wallpaper can also add warmth. Selecting the right style can bring the comfort of summer to any room. Here are three styles that do the trick.

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