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Take a tour of this newly completed custom home in Naperville, IL. This home features 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, open plan, gorgeous kitchen, a spacious master suite and custom finishes throughout.
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Grommet Curtains Explained

Earlier curtains were only used to cover the windows and to stop the wind or bright sunny rays from entering the rooms. Nowadays, the curtains have become an important part of your interior decor and they are especially designed or picked from the upholstery to match the interior theme. If you want some wonderful curtains to decorate your windows, then you should choose from the latest grommet drapes that look simply adorable on all types of windows. Over the years, the popularity of these curtains has grown immensely because they are versatile and can convert a dull looking room into a modern and bright one.

Things To Do With Contact Paper

There are thousands of uses for contact paper. This article will look at five of the lesser known uses. Each allows you to improve the decor of your home with little effort and low cost.

Liven Up Those Walls With Wall Art

Wall art is a very loose term for a category of art that has so many different pieces to it. It might be sufficient enough to say that it is “art for your walls”, but even so, it really doesn’t do justice to the broad scope of artworks that will make your walls spring back to life! Modern wall art is pretty much anything, and everything you put on your walls to coincide with the rest of the decor in your room. That could be a photo print, a painting, or shelves with mini figurines.

The Rebirth of French Decorations in the Modern Age

French style furniture was one of the defining characteristics of the 18th century and remained a symbol of royalty and class until the industrial revolution that took place centuries later. Since then, many interior design trends have influenced the way people decorated their home and now, after three centuries of changing architectural directions, French decorations are back in style. Not that their beauty has ever been doubted. On the contrary, provincial furniture has always been the epitome of elegance, good taste and sophistication. Until a few years ago, it belonged in museums, but today homeowners are welcoming provincial trends back into their homes. On the one hand, the return of French furniture trends is due to the high quality of massive wood items.

The Most Popular French Home Accessories

French style furniture is the latest interior design trend and in the age of minimalism the return to vintage beauty is not that surprising. Homeowners may appreciate the clean and spacious look of a minimal apartment, but the shabby-chic style, with its undeniable charm and cosiness, is much more likely to create an authentic “homey” feel. French home accessories can completely change the look of a room, turning it from an impersonal space into a welcoming one. By strategically placing French products in the bedroom, living room and kitchen, everyone can create a unique, elegant feel. This furniture style might have a vintage origin, but it is not old and it will not go out of style anytime soon.

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