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Terrific Tartan!

As the nights start to draw in and the weather turns colder, now is the time to think about making your home feel warm, cosy and welcoming. Highland themes are continuing to be big news this winter, think of Scottish hunting lodges and use tartans to create a cosy feel. You could either use traditional colours such as reds, greens and naturals or more contemporary colours such as hot pinks, raspberry and turquoise. Tartans can be used as a curtain fabric, upholstery fabric or for cushions, depending on how much tartan you want to use and whether you are designing a complete new room scheme or just want to update and existing scheme. An armchair upholstered in a tartan fabric would look great as a statement piece in a room.

Woodland Interior Design Trends

As we approach autumn and the leaves start to turn, the Woodland trend is everywhere. From owls to foxes, toadstools to branches and antlers to foliage, there is something magical about the woodland style. It’s also a style that suits almost every house and every taste and can be introduced a piece at a time, or all at once with a whole redesign.

Tiffany Lamps: Illuminating Your Space Distinctively

This article contains lots of information about Tiffany lamps, its types and availability. After reading this article you will get to know about systematic approach that you can make while purchasing such lights.

Finding Inspiration for Unconfident DIY Designers

If you are someone who doesn’t consider themselves ‘arty’ or ‘creative’, and finds themselves at a loss when asked ‘what inspires you?’ – then this article is for you. When you start planning an interior design project you need to start with inspiration, and it can be easy to lose your way and lose your confidence. This article will give you the tools and ideas you need to get your design confidence back.

Four Sources of Inspiration for Your Interior Design Project

If you are at a loss with where to start with your interior design project, a little research can work wonders. If the interior magazines and homeware catalogues aren’t getting you anywhere, leave the house and start looking elsewhere. Read this article for four of my favourite sources of inspiration.

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