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Colour Harmony

The art of combining colours to create pleasing harmonies can be approached as a science, with certain colour groupings thought to be more aesthetically appropriate. This harmony can be defined as a pleasing arrangement of parts that are used to create a sense of order, concord and balance. Harmony can be created using two main controlling factors of balance and order.

Interior Design – The Use of Colour

How to use colour in an interior decor scheme. The main colours and their uses.

Why Use The Services Of An Interior Designer

Using the services of an interior designer will cost you hundreds of dollars if not more, but in most instances it is a wise decision. An interior designer can make a big impact to the appearance of your home regardless of the budget.

Interior Decorating, Design and Redesign: What’s the Difference?

A common misconception is that most home interior professionals are Interior Designers. Not true! There are specific differences to each type, which may be important when hiring a professional for your project.

Ideas For Poster Framing

At entertainment capitals you are constantly surrounded by events and promotions that leave you with posters, flyers, postcards to remember them by. Instead of tucking them in a corner, take them to a custom frame shop and make a poster shine.

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