Model Home Christmas Decor | Holiday Design Overview

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Interior design professionals from Strawflower Shop in Geneva, Illinois give us a quick overview on a builder model home they decorated for Christmas. To learn more about The Strawflower Shop visit:

How to Begin, Not Be Overwhelmed and Have Fun With Home Decorating

Home decorating is fun and an easy task for many people, but for others it is un-nerving, stressful and an out of their comfort zone experience. This article is meant to be helpful and to encourage people who don’t have the confidence, in home decor, or who are uncomfortable with home decorating, to step out and give it a try. In this article you will see what not to do, guidelines in design, helpful ideas and encouragement on how to start and begin the fun experience of home decorating. Through trying and experiencing these guidelines you will discover if you have the knack for decorating or if it is better left for others to do.

Decorating With Leather Furniture and Cowhide Rugs

Whether you are planning to redecorate your home or you want to enhance the overall look of your home interior, you can opt for leather furniture & cowhide rugs. Here are some top decorating ideas with leather and cowhide rugs.

How to Install External Wall Cladding?

Cladding, in simple terms, means covering one surface with another. Cladding as a term is commonly used in Europe and Australia; whereas, in the US, it is normally referred to as siding. It’s widely used in industries like construction, metals, optical fibres and nuclear reactors. However, it is used in a different context in each of these industries.

5 Fun, Easy and Affordable Ways to Re-Decorate a Home

With the festival of lights just round the corner, all of us are busy cleaning and decorating our homes. Everyone aspires to give a new and different look to their homes, but with a hectic lifestyle and soaring prices of the decorative items, we tend to curb that aspiration and compromise with our fancy ideas for decorations. Diwali is the most important and awaited festival of the year and is the time to divulge in the unsatisfied dream of home decoration. Care should be taken to have all these items to match a common theme like traditional, modern, etc. and color combinations for different decor items should go with each other.

From Dirty To Clean In Super Quick Time – Cleansing Grubby Blinds

Living in a clean, dust and dirt free space is important to the majority of us. Many of us take pride in our living space and want to maintain it to the best of our ability. A set of blinds can be a spot in our homes which collects a lot of dust, debris, and sometimes even crushed up bugs and insects. Cleaning this space can prove to be a challenge because of the shape, flexibility, and sometimes fragility of the blinds.

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