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When James W. Riordan arrived in the United States from Limerick, Ireland in 1948, he dreamed of owning a business that reflected his commitment to hard work, high standards, and outstanding service. His dream became a reality in 1971 when he established the family business, Riordan Builders. Jay and Dan continue their father’s dream through Riordan Signature Homes. Like their father, they understand and appreciate the importance of quality workmanship, meticulous detail, and responsive service-merits they apply to every project they manage and every custom home they build.

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bedroom

Window treatments in any room, including the bedroom should be versatile, functional as well as beautiful. Your bedroom décor can include drapes, valances, plantation shutters or many other choices, but whatever you choose it should reflect your lifestyle and personal style.

Tips to Make Your Framing Cheaper

Framing is expensive. You can by a $5.00 print and spend $60.00 on the frame alone. Here are some tips to get your framing done tastefully and within a budget.

Choosing House Plants to Beautify and Purify Your Home

House plants can add a lot of character to your home. They can also beautify and purify the air in your home. Choose the right ones to give you what you need.

Outdoor Wall Art Ideas

Outdoor Wall Art plays a similar purpose to indoor paintings, sculptures, mosaics or photos. Gardens could be interpreted as environmental art, and fall under the umbrella of outdoor art, but when it comes to outdoor wall art, gardens fail to meet this specific purpose. With the contrast of the gardens plants, this indoor theme created great outdoor wall art and struck up many a conversations at the owners garden parties. Outdoor Wall Art has no limits and it is up to the owner of the property to determine what they want their guests to see and experience when they are in their outdoor spaces.

Make It Swing

A chair, sofa or love seat might find new life as a great porch swing–if the frame is sturdy and you have access to porch or pergola rafters that can support the weight of the piece plus a couple of people. The size of of the piece is also a factor to consider. Installing some old wood-framed windows or old stained-glass windows you may have, will give your porch or pergola a cozy feel, like an indoor room with great ventilation.

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