Million Dollar Custom Home in Glen Ellyn by David Weekley Homes

Stunning Custom Home – Grand great room, gourmet kitchen and impressive master suite.
This custom home is a must see.
Floor plan at:

Famous Footstools

Footstools of some description have played a part in almost every society. They are mentioned in the bible, depicted in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, used in the coronations of kings and queens and are still regular recommended by the medical profession to ease the symptoms of a multitude of illnesses.

New Year New Look

Are you wondering what look the trendy homes will be striving for this year? Thoughts from top designers indicate that the aim will be to achieve a style that cannot easily be defined using traditional labels. This article look at the emerging trends for 2014.

Removable Wallpaper Is Ideal In Temporary Spaces

Previously, wallpaper earned a reputation as a stubborn product that was difficult to remove. Today, modern removable wallpaper has solved that problem with newly formulated adhesives and easy, peel-off layers.

Selecting The Right Roofing Experts

Having an exceptional and strong top is much the same as putting resources into a wellbeing vault to keep all your belonging and assets safe. Anyhow the issue with most mortgage holders.

Sheer Curtains – Adding Style and Giving an Elegant Feel

A well furnished home is not only a delight to look at, but also a wondrous place to live in. A home that is decorated properly and has been finished well gives the appearance of class and finesse. It shows that the owners of the home are meticulous and detail oriented people who like to live in a well-maintained and carefully decorated home.

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