Make a Superb Cafe Latte, Americano, Esspresso & More with these Coffee Machines (Jura Z8 & Giga 6)

With Jura automatic coffee machines, it’s like having your own Barista. Make a Cafe latte, Americano, Esspresso, Cappuccino and more. Coffees are easily made with just one touch. Jura website:
Featured coffee makers in this video are:
Jura Z8 –
Jura Giga 6 –
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Wanderlust Fashionista Interiors

I am an interior color fashionista, often playing with the 5 basic colors of Indian design, Vastu. Red spectrum aligns with Fire, Earth colors are brown, green, Metal/Air are silver, gold and copper, Water is the blue spectrum and Space is white or crystal.

Finest Ideas for Interior Designs for Your Bedroom

In case you get a kick out of the chance to keep current with styles and appreciate things that are present day of today’s style, you may like contemporary interiors. Today’s contemporary interiors are agreeable, comfortable and inviting without being dim and dreary. Contemporary styles are especially consolidated in homes and office too.

Surprising Benefits of Cowhide Rugs

Cowskin rugs have been making a splash on the market for a while now. They represent a home decorating trend that is moving toward unique and versatile items that offer several tangible benefits for the people who bring them into their homes. For those who want both functional and pretty home decorations, cowhide rugs are the choice to make.

Who Are The Berber People?

The Berber society consists of 17 North African tribes, many of which originated in Morocco. The Berbers, also known as Amazigh or Imazighen, were descendants from North African inhabitants who made the area their home since the prehistoric era. They are still found in Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Mauretania, Libya, Niger and of course Morocco.

Rustic Luxe Interior Design

Rustic Luxe decor is a look that is here, there and everywhere. To describe this look would be where city chic and rustic barn style overlaps in a cool fashion. Rustic woods, earth elements, antiques, faded fabrics and soft cotton throws come together in Rustic Luxury.Together they create interiors that brings together the best of both their worlds. Both feminine and masculine, the ying and the yang, mixed with a palette of warm browns, subtle taupe, white washes and multi layered textures.

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