Loving These TINY HOUSES! – Vlog 9

Home Channel TV – Vlog 9:
Touring Tiny Houses at Heritage Harbor in the beautiful town of Ottawa. Follow along as we showcase some of the homes & options they offer and a quick peek at historic murals in downtown Ottawa, IL.

See more about Heritage Harbor here: http://www.heritageharborottawa.com/

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Designing Wooden Home Decor on a Budget

A house becomes a home when it’s more than just a living space. It is that personal sanctuary that affords us the luxury to relax, rest, think, entertain, spend time with family, and do all the things that bring us happiness.

2 Fabulous, Easy Ways To Transform Your Home

We all have our own unique touches when it comes to portraying our character and personality throughout our homes. But what happens when your character or personality changes, or what if you simply want a change in your decor? This happens to almost all of us at one point in time or another and redesigning your home is the solution you are looking for. You may not be able to change the structure of your home – at least not without a hefty investment – but you can change colors and most importantly of all, atmosphere by adding small touches that make a big impact.

How To Decorate With Wallpaper Borders

Wallpaper borders are some of the most popular wall coverings in home decor. Comprised of only a narrow strip of decorative paper, they are frequently used to complement or accent the design of a room. There are many ways wallpaper borders can be used. This article will look at three of the most common applications for wallpaper borders, and explain how these techniques can be used to beautify your home or office.

Wall Decals: An Expert Overview of Home Decor Stickers

Inarguably, having an exclusive home decoration for your room is a sure way to boost your morale and be happier than ever. Amongst all other possibilities, the use of wall decals is a fast-growing trend in most homes today. Here, you would find a general overview of what the product is all about and the reasons why you should adopt it for your home.

Eco-Friendly Wallpaper

The wallpaper industry is developing sustainable, environmentally friendly wallpapers to meet a growing need in the market. Consumers want wallpaper made of natural materials with non-toxic, natural adhesives and this is exactly what the industry is starting to deliver.

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