Learn About the Single Serve iCoffee Spin Brew Coffee Maker

iCoffee – The single-serve coffee brewer features exclusive SpinBrew Technology, a spinning needle with jets that spins, steams and stirs inside any K-style cup for noticeably smoother coffee flavor.

To learn more about iCoffee Spin Brew system visit: https://icoffee.com/

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Creating Conventional Seating With Unique Home Accessories

Home accessories can make or break the décor and theme of your home. When you are looking into different items to incorporate into an existing design you should consider comfort and uniqueness. Seating is a big area where home accessories can flourish.

Weekend Interior Design Projects

When you are thinking about revamping your home it can be a struggle to find the time for DIY interior design. However, it can be enough to just make a few simple but effective changes to your space which won’t take up too much of your valuable spare time. The purpose of this article is to give you some ideas for those seemingly long winter weekends, when it’s too cold and wet to leave the warmth of your home. Instead you can tackle some of these simple projects, where the guide completion time is one weekend or less.

Hand Cleaning Method to Provide the Most Protection to Your Rug

When it’s time for your cowhide rug to be cleaned, depending on the circumstances, there are several methods that you can use to both clean and protect your cowhide rug. For minimal cleaning, take your cowhide rug outdoors and give it a good shaking.

An Anxiety of Influence: Wood Floors

This essay is a reflection on whether trends dictate what is right, and in this particular aspect, if they are right in relation to the plane upon which we walk! Just because one follows in another’s footsteps, does that make the path the “chosen” one? All right! Trends are meant to increase profitability to whatever industry needs profiting. Changing styles mean people switching one thing grown old for something new. Pity the poor ‘old’ souls. In any event, new is good. Progress is a good thing, as Darwin would proclaim, and survival of the fittest is ever the dictum. But, what if the “dictum” was a trend, something not particularly suitable to a person’s use, but simply that of the times, the zeitgeist. I am sure the former word is more academic than lay, yet the irony lies within. And, so you ask, what does this all have to do with flooring?

The Search Continues

The build-out for my current client is not limited to a new bathroom, but also a seven- foot extension of the master bedroom. Having the additional space in the bedroom allows for a cabinet on the other side of the bed for some much needed storage and surface space.

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