Lawn Care: Mowing Tips You May Not Know | HomeChannelTV

Proper mowing strengthens root growth and helps prevent grass disease. Follow these simple steps to help create a healthy lawn all season long.
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7 Easy to Do Home Improvements

Are you looking to give your house a simple makeover? Here are a few solutions that will help you do it quickly on a fairly low budget.

Why Flannelette Bedding Sets Are Now The Bedding Choice For Winter Nights

This article looks at why flannelette bedding sets are back in vogue after a long period out of fashion. It also looks at what makes flannelette bedding unique and how to identify quality bedding from budget beddings sets.

The Soothing Effect of Winter Wall Murals

Wall murals are one of the decorator’s most powerful tools. Choosing the right mural can have a soothing effect on your entire home. Winter wall murals are the most popular because they often evoke a memory of the holidays, goodwill and Christmas cheer.

Uses for LED Lighting at Parties and Events

If you’re in charge of planning parties or events for your family, work, school or organization, then you are surely also in charge of decorating too. Why not use some LED lights to make your next event sparkle? Here are some ideas and uses to make your next event the best looking ever: Flood Lighting LED flood lights can be used to light up trees, bushes, walls, a DJ booth or other object.

Glass Painting And Various Types Of Paints Used

Glass painting is one of the most popular forms of art which flourished during the 18th century in North America and Europe. This unique technique was introduced in India during the 18th century by Chinese artists. Various types of paints are used to paint glass which include acrylic, enamel, oil based paints and so forth.

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