Kitchen Remodel Before and After | Kitchen Design by KLM Kitchens Baths Floors

Kitchen Remodel / Renovation. This before and after design features all new mocha colored maple cabinets, quartz countertops, new stainless steel appliances, backsplash and more.
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How to Choose the Right Interior Design for Your Home

Everybody has a different style and taste when it comes to decorating their homes. Let’s learn how to pick the right interior for your haven!

Design As You Would, Love Resonating With Your Spirit

Scattered pillows, hanging potted plants, wall sculptures of Krishna and Ganesha, old world carvings of lotus and chakras, earthy grounding woods aged so beautifully, spiritual and cleansing the aura that emerges from my house is my connection to my birthplace, beautiful India. My house is an extension of my personality, always changing, never staying still, the bohemian wanderlust spirit reaches deep within my soul. Travel to the temples or the river Ganges, the walls do the talking and take me on a journey.

The 5 Benefits of Ethanol Fireplaces

The article uncovers the 5 benefits of eco-friendly, modern, portable ethanol fireplaces. Learn why these clean-burning, energy efficient fireplaces are a better alternative to traditional wood or gas fireplaces.

Make Sure That You Clean and Maintain Glass Mosaic Tiles the Right Way

Innovative products in the field of tiles have put a smile on millions of faces. Blends of glass, stone and metal for instance represent some outstanding exotic creations. Homes would love them for the mystic surroundings they create and businesses certainly build absolutely overwhelming environments.

Common Bedroom Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

People make some common mistakes while decorating the bedroom. Bedroom decoration is a very personal thing and should reflect your style and taste. It is very easy to avoid some of these blunders that people make while decorating the bedroom.

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