Kitchen Remodel – Before & After | Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Kitchen Remodel – Outdated Kitchen gets a complete remodel / makeover from KLM Remodeling. The new kitchen design features a modern farmhouse look with beautifully stained shaker cabinets, Quartz countertops, new stainless steel appliances, updated backsplash and a butcher block top for the island.
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A Cowhide Rug For Each Phase of Life

The phase of life you’re in is a key factor in deciding what type of accessories to include in your home décor. A cowhide rug can accompany you throughout each lifestyle change you go through. This is just one of their many unique characteristics that make them a wise choice of decorative and functional accessory for your home.

Little Tip Before You Ordering Cordless Cellular Shades

You don’t want to find this out after spending your money on cordless cellular shades. Window treatments cost enough as it is. Use this simple tip to get big results.

What Is Rustic Luxe Design?

Rustic luxe design can be described in many different ways. It is a design style that has a little bit of everything. Rustic Luxe design is a great balance of both masculine and feminine pieces. The masculine aspect is brought in by metals and natural materials, such as wood, while the femininity is accentuated through light colors and a myriad textures. We’re going to dive into rustic luxe trends to help you achieve the look.

Get Creative With Backsplash Tiles for Functionality, Happy Kitchens and Bathrooms

Subway tiles, metal, ceramics, or natural stone tiles? Backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms, and on shower and accent walls; many tile patterns would need to be installed. The more the merrier, of course, with ample variety, budgets, materials and designs to ignite the imagination. So, go ahead and explore to the heart’s content. Know the availability and the market before investing. Technology has developed to such an extent that extreme functionality is assured. In terms of durability, they are going to last for ages. Esthetically, they do create a startling fairy tale effect!

How Area Rugs and Other Details Can Brighten a Home

Every home can benefit from a little brightness. These tips will show homeowners how to use area rugs, mirrors, and more to brighten any room.

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