Kitchen Lighting Ideas – 4 Types of Lighting Every Kitchen Could Use

Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Tips – 4 types of lighting every kitchen could use.

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Focal Views Vs Focal Points in Your Interior Design and Interior Decorating

Make your point or make your view! You can and should make a point with your view. It’s all based on your point-of-view and your understanding of focal views vs. focal points.

Decorating Your Kid’s Room With Wall Decals

Children are constantly growing and so do their tastes. Wall decals are a great, cost efficient way to decorate their rooms without the hassle of paint or wall paper.

Accessorizing Your Interior Design – The Little Things That Make a Big Difference

The proper accessorizing of your interior design space is very critical to the success of your entire project. It’s one of the crowning moments. It’s the final touches that make the whole composition “sing” when it’s done correctly. Real success is starting right and finishing right. Remember, little things do make a difference!

What a Feeling! Take Your Passion & Desire to Have a Great Interior Design & Make It Happen!

“If you start right, and you know what you’re doing, you will end up right. Almost everything in life starts with words. Words are containers for thoughts, ideas, and concepts. It’s how we communicate. A picture may speak a thousand words, but a thousand words can create quite a picture.” In the beginning was the Word! Here’s to great beginnings.

The Importance of a Master Plan for Your Residential Interior Design

The master plan is your master move. And if the master plan is done masterfully, you will have a masterpiece! Don’t move forward without a master plan, whether for a single room or a whole house.

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