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Kitchen Designs: Cabinet Organization Ideas – Spice racks, pull-out shelving, storage ideas for your kitchen remodel.
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How To Add Glamour To Your Home

In an ideal world I’m sure most of us would love to fill our homes with swanky pieces that would make our homes feel like a palace however this can be attained without the designer price tag. There are ways of creating luxurious glamorous look without having expensive taste.

5 Decorating Benefits Of A Round Area Rug

A round area rug is the perfect addition to creating a unique and attractive focal point when decorating your room. They can unify a room, create an intimate space and be a conversation starter with friends. A round rug can even be considered an “artwork”. We take a look at the top 5 benefits of decorating with a round rug for you to be inspired. By using these 5 pointers plus our additional rug tips, we will help you choose the best round area rug to bring any years of pleasure and usefulness into your home.

A New Trend – Art For Your Floor

A new trend has landed, one which makes art more accessible, more fun and most importantly more tactile for those who like to get a bit more hands-on. People around the country are having works of art transported from their walls, and the walls of museums, to their floors. There is an extensive collection of art available to the public domain, this art is free to access and use as the copyright has expired, meaning famous works and paintings can be created and placed in any home.

How to Create Contemporary Interior

If you like to keep current with styles, then you will like the contemporary style. There are many ways to define this style, and the definitions vary from one place to the other and most experienced interior designers also have an almost unique understanding of this style.

All You Need To Know About Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is a way of designing the interior of the home by choosing furniture and decorations that have an antique look due to signs of wear and tear or distressed areas, whilst also being soft and elegant to modernise otherwise old looking items. This type of decoration is likely to be found in a tastefully decorated country cottage using whitewashed furniture, vintage textiles and French linens.

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