How to Make Tasty Salt Roasted Beets

Give beets another try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. These are fresh beets prepared properly, not the ones you may remember out of a can. Chef Todd from Boulder Ridge Country Club shows us how to make some awesome salt roasted beets.
Learn more about Boulder Ridge here:

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The Secret of Memory Foam

Memory foam is actually polyurethane that has other chemicals added to help with increasing the density and viscosity. It is also sometimes referenced as viscoelastic. The memory foam that is of higher density will actually soften as your body heat reacts to it.

Add a Touch of Whimsey to a Room

I like to suggest adding something unusual, something unexpected to a room, to give it a sense of originality, something that makes the room very personal to the people who live in it. I call it a touch of whimsey. A very serious, well organized and cohesive room can be transformed into a unique one by the addition of a small, but very unexpected shot of personality that no one else has.

How To Decorate Your Home With Mirrors

Read about the importance of mirrors and how you can use mirrors to decorate your home in a unique way! Quick tips and a small budget is all you need to turn your house around!

Choosing the Right Colour Scheme for the Home

If you are considering a new colour scheme for your home there are different factors that can affect your decision. Here are three key to think about in a colour scheme.

Different Types of Flooring for Your Child’s Playroom

If you’re considering which type of flooring to use for your child’s playroom, you may feel overwhelmed by the choice available. You’ll want the flooring to be attractive, easy to clean and also as safe as possible.

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