House Tour 79 – New Home Designs at Springfield Pointe in Bloomingdale

Open House Tour 79: It’s home sweet home at Springfield Pointe in Bloomingdale, IL. Enjoy the decorating and design of North Mark Home’s new model home. They offer 6 different home plans with 3 to 6 bedrooms, 2.5 to 3.5 baths. Learn more about North Mark Homes at:

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How To Make Your Bedroom The Seamless Sanctuary

Ever since I was born, my bedroom has been my kingdom of dreams. I have been the king of my world; my bed is my island floating on an ocean full of life’s difficulties and complexities. No doubt, while reading this, many of you would be raising hands. Well, we all are same when we are kids, we have similar dreams and thinking. At the time, we wish to have colorful beds and bean bags in our bedroom but as soon as we grow our priorities and taste changes.

5 Tips on How to Layout Your Bedrooms

You will get to know 5 unique, cool and simple ways to add beauty and completeness to your bedroom. These simple tricks will help you to completely re-decor bedroom the way you want. Not only will arranging bedroom items gets easier for you but you will come up with your own creative ways of adding a few personal touches.

Your Ideas About the Living Room Design Won’t Do, Try A Professional

Home is the place the heart is, and it must be a place that is your retreat, your own space of security and comfort. With the correct living room design ideas this is absolutely something that you can without much of a stretch finish. While we as a whole have distinctive style and tastes interests, that doesn’t imply that you can’t without much of a stretch make a delightful home.

Your Nature-Made Area Rug

Area rugs are commonly used on hard flooring surfaces. They are most commonly used to create a soft, textured surface that defines the space, but they may also be used to add warmth, to buffer noises in the home and more.

A Cowhide Footstool For Style And Versatility

There are various factors to consider when purchasing furniture. You want to include furniture pieces in your home that are comfortable and that fit well with your lifestyle.

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