House for Sale in Reserves at Barrington | Barrington IL

New construction home for sale by David Weekley Homes at their community – Reserves at Barrington. This is one of 3 remaining homes available in this gated community. Learn more here:

A Human Perspective on the Value of Stone Effect Paints

First impressions are certainly lasting, and in buildings it’s always the outside that we see first. For centuries exterior and interior walls have been finished with fine coatings to complete the look and further enhance the durability of weather facing surfaces. Today’s smartest buildings have robust finishes inside and out. Stone effect paints add interest and style to public and private buildings, while being hard wearing and environmentally sound.

Tricks To Make Your Living Space Appear Larger

Most people dream of owning a large house with all the comfort their heart yearns for, however dreams are not always easily attainable. We might have to travel through a lot of hardship before ultimately getting to our dream. Living in mediocre and small accommodations is one such route we might have to take.

Tips For Stonework

Stone can be so versatile. From working with it on the exterior of your home to add curb appeal to carrying it inside to dress up a fireplace, the possibilities for using stone as an accent are endless.

Decorating on a Budget: Getting That Luxurious Look Without Breaking the Bank

Anyone can achieve that luxurious look and feel in their home, all it takes it a little bit of imagination and creativity to unleash that extra level of comfort and style. Often the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference.

Utilizing an Interior Partition to Create a Man Cave

A man cave can be created in essentially any unused room. Selecting a larger room and adding an interior partition wall can can separate larger rooms into multi-function rooms. Utilizing an interior partition wall to create a man cave can maximize a home owner’s space and provide a negotiable option that will appease multiple family members.

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