Home Tour Vlog 39 – Touring a New 3,000 sq. ft. Home in La Grange from David Weekley Homes

Home Tour Vlog 39 – Newly completed Home from David Weekley Homes in La Grange, IL.
Home has sold. Learn more about the builder here: https://www.davidweekleyhomes.com/

This home features more than 2,900 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths and one 1/ 2 bath, a finished basement and 3-car tandem garage.

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Countertops That Will Transform Your Kitchen Into a Sanctuary

One of the best places in the home to make into a sanctuary is the kitchen. Homeowners and guests gravitate to the kitchen as a place of warmth and comfort. Revamping your kitchen to provide you with even more comfort as you prepare meals and congregate around the table for conversation is one of the best home improvements you can make.

Give Your Home a Sense of Continuity With a Harmonious Color Scheme

To provide a sense of continuity, a home’s color scheme should flow from room to room. Does that mean that the color for each room must be the same? Of course not.

Remodel Your Home to Add Value

Your home is indeed a huge investment. Choosing a great home takes time and effort. Adding value to your home by remodeling can make your investment pay off both for you and for prospective buyers if you make the right choices.

In Carpets Versus Hardwood Flooring, Carpets Win

Be realistic about options for carpets versus hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring-while beautiful and appropriate in certain areas of the home-simply isn’t as utilitarian as you think. Obviously, carpeting in the kitchen and bathroom is unpopular. But the bedrooms, living rooms and dens? Here are a few reasons to take a closer look at carpet:

Staying Safe and Secure With Top Quality Roller Shutters

Still having second thoughts about your home security? If yes, then you must install a security shutter door as it’s the best precaution you can take to safeguard your property. Installing security shutters definitely helps in ensuring security and achieving peace of mind that you always wanted. Also, they can provide you benefits like privacy, protection and improving home value. In general, roller blinds are bendable doors and window barriers that are formed from joined covering of metals such as wood, aluminium or galvanized steel. They can be easily installed and are available in different sizes and styles as per the home design.

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