Home Tour Vlog 31 – Contemporary Design in Geneva (with a Great View)

Custom Home by Airhart Construction in Geneva, IL.
See floor plan & more here: http://airhartconstruction.com/modern-home-with-views-of-fox-river/

This modern home has 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2-car garage, open plan, full basement and elegant finishes all throughout!

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The Psychology of Colors in Hospitality Businesses

A lot of people don’t know the relation between colors and the mind, body and emotions. Unconsciously, each color affects the mood and state of mind differently. Some colors boost happiness, others give a sense of comfort.

Ushering In Your Luck – It Begins With the Floors!

Your floors are important, probably more than you know! They are the roadway that carries traffic through your home. Who knew how important what lies beneath you can be? After spending all that time on painting and decorating your home with perfect lighting; there’s the same old floor! Does it matter? Energy is very important in our lives. We can ‘feel’ it but may not be aware of how it affects us.

Living Room Fix-Its – Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About!

Once your guests have cleared the ‘security’ stop point of your foyer/entry area of your home, it’ time to introduce them to a more personal you. Invite them into your ‘Living Room,’ the one space where family and friends always seem to meet! I suppose the name was assigned to this room because of the amount of time we plan to spend in it! What a tall order; to create a room, a single room, where an entire family can live in it and guest can feel welcome too.

Decorating and Designing a Small Bathroom

Decorating and designing a small bathroom focusing on the basic features. Use storage, decoration and mirroring to enhance and make the most of the space.

Small Bathroom Design – Finding and Boosting Your Storage Options in a Small Space

Bathroom designs for apartments these days just get smaller than the last time you can remember. We all dream of having a Jacuzzi or a sauna in our bathrooms but not all of us can get the best of everything. One thing that all tiny bathroom owners agree on is that there isn’t enough storage and that their bathroom design is dull.

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