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5 Ways To Use Contact Paper In The Home

There is perhaps no product more versatile for the do-it-yourselfer than Contact Paper. With a variety of styles and colors, it can be used to decorate everyday household objects, protect the finish of wood tables or provide a dramatic accent to a staircase.

No More Junk Drawers!

Do you have a junk drawer? Do have a little drawers in your home that simply fill with stuff? Stuff we have no other place to put? So annoying! Many years ago, after reading several organizational books to contain my creative personality, I created The Useful Drawer. No more junk drawer… totally useful!

Building Interior Design Plans With Color

New house/old color? New house/no color? Old house/old color? Or maybe your paint colors are just not to your liking or still builder-basic white? Paint is an affordable and DIY-friendly option that can give you instant, happy, motivating results!

Window Treatments – When to Not Use Curtains

It’s fairly standard practice for an interior designer to install custom curtains (aka drapery) in a client home. I happen to love curtains. They add softness, texture and sound-softening into almost any room. Being tasked with writing on article on NOT using window treatments has got me thinking outside the box. When would I opt to not use large swaths of fabric to bring color, texture and style to a room?

The Real Purpose of Interior Design

There’s a saying in the interior decorating world: Form follows function. Meaning? The beauty of your home is in not just about beautiful decor, but functioning beautifully. HOME should support us in the highs and lows of life and provide safe haven for those that live inside.

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