Hawthorne Kitchen Remodel from KLM Builders – Home Channel TV

See the before and after of this beautiful kitchen remodel by KLM Builders.
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The Windows of the World Made of Frameless Glass

The windows of the world are created via new full-height glazing systems and frameless glass. Gone are the days when windows would be covered with different types of fabrics and other materials just to keep the elements at bay. It was only from twelfth century beyond that glass panes were used in windows but the glazing technique for large expanses of architectural glass has only been possible in the industrial age which paved the way for technological development of glass at the time when the material has been closely linked with architecture.

Who Else Wants a Perfect Glass Gift – Glass Birds

Birds are among the most amazing creatures in the world which truly depict the beauty of creation. For those who love birds and are always in search of these amazing creatures to add to their bird sanctuary, glass birds can be a perfect addition. These handmade figurines are unique and beautiful.

Ethnic Interior Design

Global Interior Design takes inspiration from all around the world. Whether it is the geometric patterns of Morocco, the vibrant colours of India or the warm tones of Africa, the ethnic style is always popular. It is a way of escapism through interior design, a way to keep hold of those incredible travel memories or embrace the cultures of those you are yet to visit.

Neutral Schemes

Neutral tones are going to be a key trend this autumn but don’t think this needs to be dull and boring. By layering different shades and using texture, this scheme will be interesting and relaxing. Neutral tones can range from muted taupes, to bright creams and sophisticated shades of grey. You need to choose the best shade for your room by considering the way the room faces and the amount of light you get and also the atmosphere you want to create. Do you want a light and airy room or are you trying to create a warm and cosy scheme?

How to Stencil Your Girls’ Bedroom

Decorating a girls’ bedroom can be really fun. Stencilling is an easy, inexpensive way to tie in the theme of the bedding set with the walls. Here’s a how-to guide to get you started.

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