David Weekley Homes Kinsler Model Tour in Wheaton IL

This custom home in Wheaton IL features 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, open plan, 2nd story loft & laundry room, as well as a luxurious master suite. To learn more about this home and more visit: http://www.homechanneltv.com/dwhomes-chicago-west.html

To see more home tours visit: http://www.homechanneltv.com/

How to Create a Relaxing Space Within Your Bedroom

Our days are full of stress related triggers. From the time you start your day you deal with home and family needs, work deadlines, traffic, shopping budgets, long lines, and other daily activities. Sometimes you are going nonstop all day long and by the end of the day your mind and body need to escape and your bedroom is the ideal spot for this.

How to Differentiate Between Machine and Handmade Rugs?

A short guide for buyers who want to purchase handmade floor rugs without being scammed by sellers. By knowing the difference you can in fact bargain a price and know exactly what you’re getting.

Incorporating Home Accessories Into Your Social Gatherings

When you are planning a social gathering it is imperative that you think about your home accessories. For an important social event, your room must make a statement the same as your good hosting and your food. The room sets the mood when guests first arrive on scene.

Home Extension Rules and Considerations

Home extensions and other remodelling is a great option for people who want to update their home’s appearance or increase the value of a home. One of the most popular remodels that people choose to do are kitchen extensions.

Wall Art With Wall Stickers

Some people wish to do wonderful and attractive artworks on their walls. Even though, some people have the time and patience to create and hang their own creations, some of them do not possess either of these to do the things.

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