Custom Ranch House – The Coronado Model at Thousand Oaks

Touring the new Custom Ranch Home from KLM Builders at their Thousand Oaks community in Spring Grove IL. Learn more about KLM Builders here:

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Should I Consider Reupholstering?

Your cat used your beloved heirloom chair from your Grandmother as a scratching post! What are you going to do now – throw it out? Or breathe new life into it by reupholstering? Listen to what the pros say from this award-winning designer!

My Recipe for Mixing Pattern and Color

Don’t play it safe or make a busy mess with too much pattern and color. Get the insider’s “secret recipe” from an award-winning interior designer!

Motorize Your Blinds

Everything is moving from manual to remote operated obviously for the ease along with added benefits. Blinds are also not left untouched with the technology. You can opt for the motorized option for operating the blinds instead of cords. A simple question- Why motorize the same? What will be the benefit of this? This post will definitely help you to answer these basic yet most important questions.

How Perforated Tube Manufacturers Contribute to Modern Decor

In both the office and at home, modern styles have moved away from wood and quiet tones. Often employing the handiwork of perforated tube manufacturers, contemporary design has taken a more metallic and open feel.

How to Choose the Right Interior Shutters for Your Home

Interior shutters give your home a classic look with added charm. There are several material and style options that could enhance your home’s curb appeal.

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