Custom House in Arlington Heights by US Shelter Homes

Home tour of 1715 Mitchell in Arlington Heights, IL. Home is built by Learn more about U.S. Shelter Homes:

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How to Hang Pictures in 10 Easy Steps

You say “tomato”; I say “tomawto”. My husband would disagree, but there is more than one way to accomplish those onerous decorating chores. I proudly submit my unique method for the seemingly straightforward task of hanging pictures. All roads may lead to Rome, but some are just a little twistier.

How Premium Custom Countertops Are Fabricated

Ever wondered how a dull looking mass of a rock like granite or quartz turns gorgeous when fabricated into custom countertops! “Even after six years of custom marble countertop installation I still wonder if it is real!” says Jonathan, the proud owner of his marble countertop. A countertop with perfect finishing can easily transform the looks of your home into modern or rustic. In this article we will have an outlook of custom countertops manufacturing.

Five Important Things You Should Share With Your Interior Designer

Important things a home owner should share with the interior designer. A designer will not be in a good position to help you out with the best results unless you share with him/her your preferences. A two-way communication with the interior designer can save time and money.

Home Decorating Preparation Tips

Decorating one’s home can be very difficult, tedious, and time consuming for some. Others may find it relaxing, comforting, and enjoyable. Whichever person you may be, you know it is not easy to find home decor that really jumps out at you that you just can’t live without. Here are some preparation tips for you to think about.

Different Types of Kitchen Tiles and Their Use

It won’t be wrong to call the kitchen as the most important place in any home. The kitchen tiles certainly determine its atmosphere and look. They set the ambience and make it more functional by adding the necessary decorative touch.

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