Custom Homes at Sunset Prairie in Geneva – Home Tour Vlog 24

Touring the homes at Sunset Prairie in Geneva, IL by Keim.
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Beautiful ranch & two-story custom homes surrounded by open fields and parks. The community is minutes from the charming downtown shops and restaurants of Geneva.

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How To Design By Your Sign – The Fiery Glow of Leo – Child to Adult

Leo the Lion’s roar penetrates the darkness with their sunny, generous, warmhearted and enthusiastic nature. Let a Leo enter a room and everyone there is aware, as though the sun just peeked through the clouds on an overcast day. Your challenge is to capture the look and feel of a fitting lair for the King of the Jungle!

Black And White Cowhide Rugs – Versatile And Stylish Rugs For Your Wooden And Stone Flooring

Wood and stone floors are among the most popular high-end floor coverings found in homes today. Both natural wood floors and stone floors bring lasting style to the space while providing the homeowner with a fabulous and durable rug which will last for years.

The Golden Age of Furniture Making

When we say French furniture we usually think about that sophisticated, aristocratic furniture you can see in antique stores. The elegance and beauty of French antique furniture is impossible to reproduce considering the fact that they were handcrafted for kings and courts by various experts using the best materials at hand, but that does not mean you cannot find such reproductions of the old designs in every modern furniture store. Hidden behind the title French vintage furniture are numerous brands that live off the glorious past of French furniture crafters.

Make Your Home Unique With French Decorations

Everyone wants to feel as comfortable as possible inside their home and sometimes even one decorating piece can offer a room a stunning effect. This is why French decorations have always been popular among people of all ages, because they have the potential of giving a house a wonderful effect in a way that nothing else can. Whether it is a chair, a lamp or a few cushions, you will definitely find all the inspiration you need when you visit a store with French style products. Even though some people might consider these products to be too expensive, when you think about the quality you are getting as well as about the nice effect they will have in your home, you will realize that they are definitely worth the investment.

How Should You Decorate Your Home Office?

With working from home becoming more popular, people are more focused on having a home office so that they have somewhere to work everyday. Working from home is a better option to having to stand in a job queue everyday. If you are thinking about working from home, whether you already have a job or not, it is important that you have a home office and you get into the habit of going into that room to work

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