Custom Home on Bellevue Place in Northbrook, IL

Newly completed custom home in Northbrook, IL by David Weekley Homes. (as of 6/20/16).
This home has 3,644 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and 3-car garage. Learn more at:

The Theme of Tranquility in Home Decorating

Tranquil decorating is an interior style that focuses on relaxation. This approach is expressed through neutral colors, comfortable furniture and elegant home accents. Soft furnishings and modern decorative accessories help you customize unforgettable, tranquil, calm spaces.

Kids Are People Too! Creating a Kids Dream Room

When you are ready to tackle your children’s rooms, I urge you to refrain from seeing them as ‘just the kids’ for a moment. Try to mentally step into the person they are becoming to help you create a space becoming to, and fit for, a future king or queen!

Why You Should Choose Motorized Window Blinds

In the world of window treatments, blinds have come a long way. If you’re ready for a change to your outdated blinds, you’ll be excited by the vast number of options available to you. Indeed, today’s window blinds come in a wide range of colours, materials, and styles. You can choose between vertical and horizontal varieties, and motorized blinds are becoming a popular alternative to manual blinds. There are even a number of varieties of motorized blinds. They can be controlled remotely by a switch, button, or remote control; and some can even be set to a timer. So, why should you choose motorized window blinds?

Knock, Knock, Let Me In – When Guests Arrive!

Guest spaces are all about comfort. If you’re entertaining a friend or family member they either remember the incredible decor, the mattress that allowed them to sleep like a dream or, the week they never slept a wink! Avoid ‘Grumble Alley’ mistakes in the guest area. Let’s work towards making the best memories from a stay at your home.

Must-Know Workplace Interior Design Trends

This article discusses how the workplace interior design has been revolutionized from traditional cubicles to modern office spaces. Also included are the major design trends that are dominating the workplace industry at present.

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