Custom Home is Staged & Ready! – Vlog 10

Home Channel TV – Vlog 10:
Touring a newly completed custom home in Northbrook, IL by David Weekley Homes. (as of May 2016)
The Laken Home Plan
4 Bed / 3.5 Bath
3,315 sq. ft.
2 Car Garage
2 Stories
Full Finished Basement

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Benefits Of Using Table Pads

If you have a wooden dining table or any other type of wooden table in your home which is an antique, brand new or even just a fairly old one, then you must have found out how easily it can be scratched during day to day use. Pens, pencils, any sharp object, the spilling of sauces or other eatables, and dishes, etc., can create a scratch on your smooth and shiny wooden surface.

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Decorating Your New Conservatory

Top Tips on Decorating your Conservatory. Do’s and Don’ts to follow to get the best out of your new room.

Laundry Rooms – To Stack or Not To Stack?

Laundry rooms are without a doubt a service area, but they can be attractive, colorful and functional spaces. In two recent cases, I faced with the question of whether or not to stack the washer and dryer. In the first case, stacking was the most practical application given the available space, a very awkward room inside the garage.

Some Knowledge of Vinyl Rails We Need to Have to Be Better Informed

Since forever we have been using wood to decorate, make and improve our home décor. The reality is there was always something that caused us to want to change.

Diversion Safes – They Look Good And They Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight

In today’s world, when you have any resources you better discover a protected spot to hide them where no one else will know where they are. One way to do this is to own Diversion Safes for the home. Many people may depend on hiding places in the home like under the couch cushion, in a shoe box, in the sock drawer, and so forth. The issue with this technique for concealing essential things is that anybody may accidentally find them while in your house. Also, if your home is ever burglarized, those are the likely places that a criminal might look. A few people may get a friend or relative to hide assets for them but you had better trust these people, especially if it’s money they are hiding.

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