Culer Evaporative Cooling – Household Products

Portable Evaporative Cooling system – This patented CULER Flow Blurring technology uses very low pressure air and water to atomize water into uniformly minute particles that evaporate instantly. Learn more at:

Tips for Decorating Your Home With Canvas Prints

Works of art are too expensive, while family photos are too small for decorating the walls of your house. Now you can have the best of both worlds. You can decorate the walls with canvas prints. You can have your own pictures printed on canvas. Use some practical advice on how to decorate your home with these attractive items.

Design Is What You Do

“Design is what you do when you want to express yourself…” if you had time, if you knew how, if you could; you would; but where to start? We all reach a time or place in our life when we look around and no longer feel comfortable in our space; a time when it begins to feel constricting, dark, cluttered or unharmonious. Featuring quick and easy methods to recreate your space!

Who’s That Knocking at Your Door?

Your entry area is a vital space in your home. It is the warm greeting that says ‘welcome home’ to you each day, the place where new friends gain the ever important first impression and also; the place where people who are not welcome are detained or sent packing! Simple and affordable ideas to make a palatial statement!

How to Get Canvas Prints of the Best Quality

There is nothing more heart-warming in a house than the pictures of the family. With the use of modern technology, these photos can be turned into works of art and become even more special. These artworks are called canvas prints. The technique for their creation involves the printing of the image onto a canvas, which is traditionally used for painting. Find out how to get the best print works for your home.

Organizing Your Personal Coffee Bar

Organization tips on how to organize your very own coffee bar. Organizing ideas for a small space.

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