Courthouse Square – Luxury Row-style Townhomes in Downtown Wheaton, IL by Airhart

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New luxury Georgian Style Townhomes located in the heart of downtown Wheaton, IL. Learn more about these elegantly designed homes from Airhart Construction here:

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Home Decorating for Christmas

Most of us have already completed our Thanksgiving decorations. So now is the time to start planning the Christmas Home Decorating while the weather is still nice.

3 Things to Consider When Buying an Oriental Rug

An Oriental rug can add color and personality to any room. However, they can also be extremely expensive. It is important to be sure that the Oriental rug you buy enhances your room so you do not come to regret such a large purchase. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when buying an Oriental rug.

7 Great Window Boxes Ideas for Decoration

Inspire your projects with seven unique window boxes ideas. Make sure to design your house the way you want it with some of the finest tips and tricks.

5 Giant Mistakes People Make When Redecorating Their Home

Just because you decide to redecorate does not guarantee the project will be completed successfully. As with every worthwhile challenge in life there are hurdles to be mastered on your way to the home of your dreams. Here are 5 Giant Mistakes People Make When Redecorating Their Home.

How to Create a Perfectly Designed Room: Seven Key Design Principles

Reflecting back on the many rooms of beauty I’ve experienced over the years there’s a shortlist of concepts which I believe provide the foundation stones on which a remarkable room is built. While integral to the foundation of a room, these principles never take away from the artistic inspiration and personal flair brought to any room by a serious designer. But, as with all things foundational, they are critical to a beautifully designed space. If you’re working to create a timelessly beautiful room, make use of this checklist of Seven Key Design Principles:

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